We're sorry, but your browser doesn't seem to support the test requirements. To participate, please try upgrading to a newer version of your browser.
We're sorry, the tests appear to have failed. This is most likely due to restrictions on your network, such as an office or personal firewall, or browser plugins that block access to the tests. Please check to see if their are any applications or firewalls that could be limiting your ability to conduct measurements, and that your software is up-to-date.
The Internet Health Test involves speed tests that may transfer large amounts of data over your connection. If you are on a mobile broadband provider that limits data consumption or charges based on usage, you can avoid overages by making sure your device is connected to WiFi when you run this test.
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Internet Health Test

The Open Broadband Speed Test.

How fast is your Internet connection? Test to find out!

To learn more about the data collected see the Privacy Policy.

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How does the test work?

The Internet Health Test runs a few short speed tests to several measurement servers on different networks to compare how your broadband connection performance varies to different parts of the Internet. These tests shouldn't take too long and do not collect personal information from your browser.

Want to Learn More or Report Issues?

Please reach out to the Internet Health Test: help@internethealthtest.org
Download speed is the maximum rate that your computer could receive data from the server. Each row can be expanded to display more metrics from the test.
Measurement Data

    Internet Health Test


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    This test uses M-Lab code and infrastructure for performance measurements. Learn more about M-Lab and its data policies.

    Questions or Concerns: help@internethealthtest.org